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About Jamie Clarke's Perfect



Jamie Clarke, guitarist, singer and the soul of perfect was born in 1964 in the middle of nowhere and destined to go places. Moved to Camden, the heart of London and the centre of the music world in 1987. He started his career with 80's poptastic "Innocence Lost" and ended up touring the world with famous Irish folk punk band "The Pogues", playing on their "Pogue Mahone" Album. In 1997 he formed "Perfect", the band he's been playing with in different line ups ever since.



Perfect are currently playing with Sebastian on drums and Yohan on the bass. The banjo and mandolin are played by Pierre Lavendel putting an interesting rockabilly-like flavour to perfect's own folkmusic.
They are often guested by Andy Brown on the accordion.


Perfect have successfully played more than 1500 concerts all over the world with their famous action-packed live show !!!


Their current new Album "Beatboys" is available from Wolverine REcords.

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Foto: Lukas Klein Photography