The Basics


Genre: Folk / Punk / Rockabilly / Folkabilly/ Irish Drunkabilly

Where are you all coming from - from Schlumpfhausen, which is right next door to Strummerville on the way to Bedrock ! And also...

London / California, USA / France / Ireland / Mexico / Rumania

Founded: March 17th 1997

Label: Wolverine Records

Type of label: Punk / Rockabilly / Indie




Jamie Clarke

Born: To rock.

Instruments with character: Lead punk rock electric Guitar, Vocals, living legend, the James Bond of the folkabilly world - shaking, not stirred !

Jamie Clarke, guitarist and singer/songwriter/producer, was born in the middle of nowhere and destined to go places. So he moved to Camden in the heart of London and the centre of Jamies' music world in 1987. He started his career with 80's poptastic Innocence Lost and ended up touring the world with The Pogues in the 90's, replacing Philip Chevron on guitar, and playing on and writing for their 1995 album "Pogue Mahone". In 1997 he formed Perfect, the band he's been fronting and touring with ever since.


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Pierre Lavendel

Born: 1971

Instruments: Guitar, Banjo, Mandoline, Folk-Guitar, Whistle

Multi-talented PIERRE LAVENDEL is a crude mix of Brendan Behan and Elvis Presley - and we ain't joking ! A true mix of Guiness and champagne - he is the original 'Black Velvet'. Lavendel was born in a town called Oblivion, in Co. Hell, but he soon hitched a ride out of there, heading for Bedrock playing lead guitar for psychobilly legends the FRANTIC FLINTSTONES up until 2007. He joined Jamie Clarke's PERFECT in 2004 and has been there ever since. Pierre has several projects moving, including The Cokeras & Die Treue Bergvagabunden (infos can be found on Facebook!)

Pierre has brought a Punky, Rockabilly touch of style to the band!

He LOVES his bandmates, he loves his Köpi, and he loves his














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Sebastián de la gran Granja Burro

On the drums, mister mexico city 2008..simply the best mexican drummer we know! Rocksteady,cool as ice, loud as fuck...and kicks like a mule ! He has been playing with Jamie and the boys since October 2015, completing his initiation that December with the ceremonial cutting of hair. Well done Sebastian, you made it !

He plays a stand-up silver sparkling cocktail-kit from Yamaha !










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Yohan "Johnny" Rebel

on the Fender Bass guitar.

Johnny is the Scarlet Pimpernel of the band, cooly working the stage - now you see him, now you don't - but you can always feel this french kid groove. When he was a young boy back in Gaul, Johnny accidently fell into a magic cauldron of wheat. Instead of giving him super human strength and powers, it just meant that he can never, ever, EVER again drink beer. Fuck that sucks !












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Andy "Bloody" Brown

plays power accordion from the crypt, creepy as hell, his dulcet tones will mesmerise you and will you to move towards the stage and sway to the beat. Andy is Rumanian but prefers schnapps to blood. He has been playing on and off as a guest star for PERFECT since the spring of 2015.

Andy brings the schnapps, humour and über-cool dance moves to the band.






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Hononary members and honourable friends...

Adam Lanfrey - Bass. The infamous Vladi - Bass. Crazy Thibo Levy - Bass.

Kevin Potschien - Bass. Maxime Domball - Drums. Björn Again - Drums.

Mr. Bitch - Drums. Geoffroy Sourp - Drums. Gwendo Jackson - Accordion.

The Beautiful Anne - Violin.





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